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Weezer and I also had a habit of using interesting stumps and tree roots as landscaping objects as William Kent did in Kensington Gardens. Weezer even had a tree stump, still in the ground, that my husband carved into a mushroom for her fairy garden. Read more : worx gt 2.0 reviews.

And so the name stuck in our heads as Weezer and I developed our natural landscapes and have a taste of English Gardening in our own landscape designs. It seemed only natural for us to be ´Fake Hermits´ as we have both quit the rat race to pursue our true passions in gardening. A lot has changed since the reading of that article, and we have both grown and learned so much more than when we started out. Others gardens have inspired us and we have tried to share a little of the wisdom we picked up along the way.

Weezer´s garden now…
Weezer's garden is ´anywhere she wants to plant stuff´… since moving to a restricted community where you can only plant within 3 feet of your house! So watch out because she will take up her gardening in your yard if she gets the urge! "Of course it's so much fun to share the plants I transplanted from my last yard and planting is part of the ´rites of Spring´! It´s fun to teach children the joy of digging holes and playing in the mud, and will continue to share my hobby as long as the lord is willing." Here is a short slide show … My Garden in Avenbury, 2006

Herb gardening
Fake Hermit turned into an obsessive herb gardener growing herbs not only for culinary reasons but using these wonderful plants for their beauty in landscaping and learning the medicinal values of each one. Her yard was perfect with 100‰ sun and one side is moist with black rich pig farm soil and the other is dryer with a good mixture of soil, sand and clay. She had to raise several of her planting beds because of spring floods and in the ´too moist´ areas for the herbs she loves so much. | Herb Gardening Page |

Shade gardening
Weezer had a totally different set of circumstances as she had to grow in partial to 100‰ shade in wet conditions and clay soil to boot. She diligently added truck loads of soil, manure, and leaf mold to create raised beds for anything she has wanted to plant. You'd never know this about that yard today, as she had performed what I think is a small miracle. Her yard thrived with woodland plants and she even built herself a 'potting shed' in the back with a garden bench and table at it's side. Now you know where all the thoughts of 'The Potting Shed' come from... cause as the heat of the day came upon us, or I helped her plan the next move, we spent wonderful times sitting out back at the potting shed brainstorming. In the few spots that her yard got half a days sun she had transformed it into a gorgeous herb, butterfly and hummingbird garden. The patience of Job I tell you! Now she wishes she had that shade again.

In case you haven't figured it out yet… Weezer is my mentor, my partner in gardening, my best friend… and she is my mother. I can only hope that one day I can have such a wonderful relationship with my own children and be the kind of Mother that mine was and is to me. Thanks Mom!


Prep Kitchen Online Cooking Classes

Join us for cooking classes in our fun, relaxed atmosphere!
We feature a different class in open session every month. Check our schedule to see which class is offered this month, and email or call us to register for the session of your choice & check Best Meat Grinder

We also offer any of our cooking classes for private groups. Gather your friends together (or your coworkers, your book club, your church group, or the bridal shower or birthday event) and we can schedule your own cooking class. Since it is a private group, you may bring a beverage - adult or otherwise - and additional snacks if you choose as we cook together. Most classes can be offered in either hands-on or demonstration style. It’s your party - let’s design it around you!

Canning: Zucchini Relish

Your garden has yielded a bountiful harvest and you want to preserve it at its peak. Time for canning! In this class, we’ll make and jar a batch of Zucchini Relish using a family recipe that’s been passed down. The same canning principles will apply to whatever you’d like to can or jar for the coming winter. Learn how to preserve your harvest safely, and take home a jar of the most delicious Zucchini Relish.

Cookie Decorating for Kids

We make the cookies and the frosting in an assortment of colors. We supply the sprinkles and assorted decorations. You bring the children with the imaginations to create the edible masterpieces. This is enjoyed by children as young as 6 or as old as you like (and it doesn’t have to be just children). It makes a great birthday party!

Candy Making

Enjoy making candy, using the Grandma Morton method*. Our very hands-on class includes Peanut Butter Cups and Vanilla or Peppermint Creams. You will be mixing, shaping, forming, and dipping throughout the class. And you will bring home everything you create along with the recipes and instructions to make them again. We will even include recipes for our favorite Easy Chocolate Fudge and Peanut Butter Fudge.

More Candy Making

In this candy making class, you will make and dip Needhams, and discover ways to use up leftover dipping chocolate (beyond just eating it). We will also demonstrate making Peanut Brittle using the Grandma Morton method*, and we’ll share the finished product. You will bring home everything you create along with the recipes and instructions to make them again. We will even include recipes for our favorite Easy Chocolate Fudge and Peanut Butter Fudge.

Vegetable Tart Dinner Party

Let’s get together for dinner! We’ll create a delicious Vegetable Tart together, full of fresh veggies and a bit of cheese, in our handmade pastry crust, and pair it with a great wine from Freeport Cheese and Wine and a quinoa side dish. Then we’ll share dinner together around a properly set dinner table. After dinner, you’ll take the recipes with you, along with the wine recommendations so you can recreate the meal again and again. All attendees must be over 21 years old. It’s a great date night, or a fun girls’ night out gathering!

Homemade Canine Cookies

Make home baked treats for your four legged family member! In this class, you will make the dough for two different kinds of dog treats that you will take home to bake. The recipes go home with you - along with an appropriate cookie cutter - so you can make them over and over again. And we will cook a batch here so you will have finished treats for immediate use. Tail wagging fun, and the chance for you to know exactly what is in your dog’s treats.

Pie Crust Confidence Class

In this class, you’ll make two pies from scratch. You’ll create a Quiche Lorraine (or a Vegetable Quiche if you prefer) with an oil based crust, and a Classic Apple Pie with a butter based crust. Assemble them with us; take them home and bake them to share warm out of the oven.
Breakfast, brunch, dinner or dessert - some kind of pie is always perfect.
You’ll learn how to make a great pie crust every time - without "partially hydrogenated lard" (have you checked the ingredient label on the boxed crusts?). Gain crust confidence and bring home a delicious meal with dessert.


Life grants nothing to us mortals without hard work.
Horace J


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